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Q625 Link Plate Sequential Abrator

Q625 Link Plate Sequential Abrator

Fit for metal products (electric baker, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy, die-casting pieces and precise castings) which has complicated structure, does not need clamping, has high demand on surface cleaning and asks for one surface cleaning. It is designed after repeated test and trial on the basis of all-round investigation on cleaning equipment in foreign countries by our researchers, cooperation with foreign experts, consultation of a great deal of technical info in foreign countries making use of latest computer three-dimension tech. It has high-tech, novel structure, high efficiency, excellent performance, high automatization, bright surface, and can diminish surface stress, form slim pit on surface, greatly enhance adhesive force of metal surface and coating quality. Passing affirmation of national patent bureau, the product has gained national patent and is elected as high-tech product by Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau.
It is composed of abrator, cleaning room, lifter, separator, spiral transpotor, chain plate transporter, pneumatic device and electric system. Electric controller adopts PLC programmable controller and is equipped with automatic alarming device. Connect the power supply, press the button, the equipment will start up automatically. Then the operator put the workpieces onto transporting chain plate which then will be automatically put into the cleaning room. After being cleaned, the workpieces will be transported to outlet.
It can remove burr and oxidated layer of workpieces winning bright surface, enhancing color quality and reaching demand on appearance and decoration. It is available for one surface cleaning of large or medium size disc type workpieces.
Application in Cankun Electric Apparatus proved that surface of workpieces have been greatly improved, surface stress is lowered to some extent, working efficiency promoted and cost lowered, quality of products reaches high standard in the world winning high reputation among clienteles.

cal Parameter



 Dimension of workpieces(length ×width ×height)




Running speed of table roller

3-15m/min(Frequency Conversion)

Cleaning speed

Common 6-8m/min

Amount of abrator


Max shot blasting volume




Lifting volume of lifter


Separation volume of separator


Ventilation Volume


Gross Power




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