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Large-scale Abrator for Outside of Steel Tube

Large-scale Abrator for Outside of Steel Tube

On the basis of assimilation advanced technology from America and Italy, it is updated cleaning equipment researched and developed with adoption of modernized computer stimulation technology and it can oxidated layer of steel tube, cleaning demand before coating outside wall of steel tube is realized, cleaning of outside wall of large and medium size steel tube is available. It has following advantages:


    1. Adopt popular small pit structure, save construction cost and time of foundation, settle problem of rust and agglomeration of lifters.
    2. Adopt fifth updated cantilever centrifugal abrator which has high shot blasting volume and high speed in the world, then efficiency is greatly improved with high cleaning quality, belong to patent product.
    3. It is redesigned with advanced technology from home and abroad. Main Technical Parameter


Spec of Steel Tube(diameter)


Spec of Steel Tube (length)


Shot Blasting Volume


Power of Motor


Lifting Volume


Separation Volume


Ventilation Volume of Separator


Ventilation Volume of Cleaning Room



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