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Q698H Table Roller Sequential Passing Type Multifu

Q698H Table Roller Sequential Passing Type Multifu

It is vertical type multifunctional steel pretreatment equipment with introduction of high-tech from German. It is latest product in China and can be used to clean steel structure and remove oxidated layer, rust and other things on H steel, steel plate, profiled bar and metal structure to gain bright and clean surface. 
This machine can improve technique of H steel and surface of steels, enhance resistance to rot, promote quality of products and lessen labor force and pollution of cleaning work.
Abrator is key part of shot blasting and cleaning equipment and it is determined factor of quality and efficiency for shot blasting and cleaning. 8 sets of abrator can be directly connected and belongs to patent product. Following is its characteristics: 
(1) Direct drive style can assure higher efficiency;
(2) Save space, compacted structure;
(3) Improve impacting speed, make even distribution;
(4) Prolong service life of abrator, lower noise of abrator;
(5) Save cost of abrator, direct connected abrator saves 80% cost or above.
It is best choice for net frame, locomotive, watercraft, engineering machinery, chemical metallurgy, container and boiler manufacture industry.



Dimension(length ×width ×height)


Shot blasting volume of direct connected abrator




Annual Output(designed conforming to common work)


Max loading of table roller


Diameter and circulating volume

φ1.2-2mm  4000-4800kg

Gross Power(excluding dust catch system)


Total ventilation volume




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